Silver Jewelry Care

How do I take care of my silver jewelry?

Daily wear, along with dust and natural elements can cloud the shine and brilliance of silver jewelry it is completely natural for this to happen with all silver jewelry. The easiest way to give a "lift up" to jewelry pieces is using just a silver polishing cloth. We strongly recommend the use of a “treated” polishing cloth (specifically for sterling silver jewelry). Do not use tissue or other materials that may scratch you Sterling Jewelry. 

Do not use dipping cleaning solution on silver jewelry with stones, gems, crystals or an oxidized finish. You should especially avoid using dipping solutions on organic stones such as coral, pearls etc. 

If you are not planning to wear your silver jewelry for a long period of time (which we do not recommend), store your silver jewelry in air-tight bags - Ziploc® - to reduce the exposure to air and decrease the oxidization/tarnishing process. 

Additionally, don't shower with your jewelry on, don't expose you silver to lotions, hairspray, or chlorinated water in swimming pools. Follow these recommendations and you will prolong the beauty of your silver jewelry pieces. 

Environmental friendly cleaning solution:

  • Place a piece of aluminum foil in a pot; add water and a tablespoon of regular salt. 
  • Bring water to boil with the salt and aluminum foil; all three elements must be in contact.
  • Carefully submerge your silver jewelry for 5 to 7 minutes. 
  • Remove jewelry and dry with a soft towel. You will be amazed with the results!

Important: We do not recommend using this recipe with jewelry that has an oxidized finish, pearls or stones.