About Emilio Sotelo Jewelry

Silver Jewelry | Emilio Sotelo Silver Jewelry | San Francisco

I am Emilio Sotelo, a third generation silversmith, owner and designer at Emilio Sotelo Jewelry. 17 years ago, my innate passion for design, coupled with the skills learned from my father to transform raw silver into beautiful silver jewelry, encouraged me to launch my own handmade jewelry business in San Francisco, CA. My studio is currently located in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco. 

The core material in all my designs and work is silver, mostly fine silver. I have always been amazed by the shine and that particular color that this precious metal emanates. Growing up in Mexico with the sounds of silversmith's tools working raw silver taught me to respect and love this precious metal.

One of the best experiences I had while growing up was constantly witnessing the magic of taking dreams and ideas from sketches on paper to beautiful silver creations that adorn the human body.

My mother showed me the beauty of gemstones and natural semi-precious stones in many forms and colors. I now use some of these to enhance the distinct qualities of my creations. The influence of both my parents brought me to develop a distinctive style that combines silver, simplicity and a touch of modern design to create elegant silver jewelry.

My jewelry designs are recognized for my signature flower and geometric collections inspired from the 60’s. Emilio Sotelo Jewelry design's are contemporary yet elegant with a timeless essence.

Customers can find my silver jewelry collections in multiple art and wine festivals throughout the year.