Small Off-Center Disc Within Hoop Earrings with High Polished Finish

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Small Off-Center Disc Within Hoop Earrings. Reverse Hoop Earrings, One Of Our Signature Designs!
Description & Details
  • Hoop's Diameter ~ 35 Millimeters (1 3/8" Diameter)
  • 20 Gauge Tempered Sterling Silver Wire
  • Inner Off-Center Disc ~ 10 Millimeters In Diameter. (3/8" Diameter)
  • Made with .950 Sterling Silver
  • High Polished (Glossy) Finish
How To Wear These Earrings? Just Insert The Earring From The Back Of Your Earlobe And Work Forward Until The Small Off-Center Disc  Earrings Face Forward. These Dimensional Silver Hoop Earrings Look Great From Any Angle.