Sterling Silver Earrings Reverse Hoop With Small Dapped Disc Within Hoop With High Polished Finish

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SKU: 10.110.4
Small Dapped Disc Within Hoop Sterling Silver Reverse Earrings (Reverse Silver Earrings), One Of Our Signature Designs!
  • Hoop's Diameter ~ 35 Millimeters (1 3/8" Diameter)
  • 20 Gauge Tempered Sterling Silver Wire
  • Inner Small Dapped Disc ~ 10 Millimeters In Diameter (3/8" Diameter)
  • .950 High Polished Sterling Silver Finish
How To Wear These Earrings? Just Insert The Earring From The Back Of Your Earlobe And Work Forward Until The Selene Square Earrings Face Forward. These Dimensional Silver Hoop Earrings Look Great From Any Angle.